Top 5 factors that affect mobile app development cost


Size and complexity

Functions/Features and User Flows refer to actions users will take within the app, and what the app needs in order to facilitate these actions.


Backend and services

Backend infrastructure handles actions that cannot be done within device - things like user authentication, business integrations such as booking appointments, notifications, messages, etc.

Third Party Service Integrations - many third-party services already exist for specific functions like push notifications, mobile app analytics, user authentication, and more. Depending on what kind of services you choose, there may be available APIs that can be leveraged for your app, which is typically less costly than having to build from scratch.


Platforms and devices served

The number of platforms directly affects the cost of building an app – building for iOS and Android may double the effort involved, assuming you are building native apps. Building companion apps for wearables or connected TV platforms will also increase total mobile app development costs, though usually not to the same degree.

Device support also affects the cost of developing an app, in two ways: Types of devices (phones, tablets, TVs, smartwatches) and device generation (Supporting older devices with older operating systems requires more development effort.)



The more technologies required to make the app work, and the more complex they are to implement, the greater the project scope. Some examples include: Maps, Camera, Bluetooth, File Upload, Geolocation, QR/Barcode Scanning, IoT component integration.


Type of development firm

Boutique firms (like Envative) focus specifically on building mobile solutions for businesses. They bring a breadth of technical expertise and specialized platform knowledge, emphasize product strategy and design, and typically employ an agile development methodology. The cost of developing an app with one of these can be half that of large firms and more expensive than using independent developers or small development shops.

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