By: Dea Corsi

Publish Date: Saturday 7/7/2018

Envative is beaming! We've been highlighted by another industry expert, WebSurfMedia, as being amongst the top 15 Android Mobile App development companies. Here is the excerpt of the article along with their evaluation of Envative.

Every day is a new beginning to technology. Innovation, otherwise called resource development, has draped the development of Operating Systems magnificently. Operating Systems are now feature-rich, technologically advanced in many aspects. Android is an Operating System worth mentioning here since the mobile world and end-users are completely dependent on this OS, due to its killer UI.

Smartphones are like survival masks in this era and hence the web it depends on. Businesses thrive on daring opportunities to expand and Android becomes an aspect that could never be disregarded due to its ocean full of benefits. In this case, addressing user concerns becomes the top priority of both the developers and the Business brains of Enterprises.

To begin with, an unrivalled Android app is a basic necessity which is personalized as per your or your company’s requirements but tailored together by a team of professionals. Knocking at the wrong door could get you in serious trouble if you aren’t clear with your destination and the paths to lead you there.


Incorporating state-of-art designs and elements to serve the end-users with not only a graceful app but also complete satisfaction, Envative masters custom web and mobile app development services. Their collaborative affairs with clients, supporting them in every step of the development of a custom app to mutually reach business goals further beautifies the company’s pride.

Full article can be found here.

Dea Corsi

About the Author:

Dea Corsi

Dea has 20+ years of experience in Project Management, Client Service and Marketing and uses all of her skills in these areas in her role at Envative.  She enjoys the variety and challenges that come with seeing a project through to fruition. Dea’s expertise in communication, analytics and creative thinking have resulted in proven success for clients across a wide variety of industries.

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