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Business Insight Intelligence for Radius Care with AWS QuickSight

The Situation

Radius Care is a collections agency that specializes in recovering funds from medical insurance claims. They focus on reviewing processed claims, tracking turnaround times, denial rates, and the reasons for denials to enhance their recovery strategies.

The Challenge

Radius Care faced significant challenges in managing and analyzing vast amounts of claims data effectively. The agency needed to process large datasets to track and evaluate the performance of claims including turnaround times, denial rates, and the reasons for denials. Their existing data management system was inefficient, lacked scalability, and did not support real-time data analysis, which hindered their ability to make timely decisions and optimize their collection strategies. Moreover, the absence of robust data security measures and the complexity of managing access controls posed additional risks in handling sensitive information.

They required a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution that could integrate seamlessly with their operations, improve data visibility, enable real-time analytics, and enhance decision-making capabilities. The solution needed to handle large datasets efficiently, provide comprehensive data analysis tools, and ensure strict compliance with industry data security standards.

The Envative Solution

To address these challenges, a custom analytics application was developed using AWS services. This solution leverages the power of cloud computing to enhance data processing and visualization capabilities.

AWS Services:

  • Amazon S3: Used as the primary data storage solution, where all claim-related data files are securely stored. S3 provides durable infrastructure to store important data and is designed for high availability and reliability.
  • AWS GlueCrawler: Automatically scans data in Amazon S3, identifies the format, and infers schemas. It populates the AWS GlueCatalog with metadata tables, which are used for querying and analyzing data.
  • AWS GlueCatalog: Acts as a central metadata repository, which stores information about different data sources accessible within AWS services like Amazon Athena.
  • Amazon Athena: Used for querying data stored in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Athena allows the agency to run ad-hoc queries directly against data in S3 without the need to set up complex ETL jobs.
  • AWS QuickSight: Utilized for business intelligence and visualization. It connects to Athena for direct SQL querying capabilities and provides interactive dashboards to visualize patterns and insights related to claims processing, denial rates, and more.
  • AWS IAM: Manages access to AWS services and resources securely. Using IAM, the application ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data and perform operations according to their roles within the organization.

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