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Code Review Services

Make sure your code can do the job your business demands.

It’s an inconvenient truth that the software that is so important to the success of any business is often a complete mystery to the people who are counting on its quality and effectiveness.

Of course, with the right development staff, you could perform your own tech due diligence. But many companies engage with a reputable third-party software developer for an independent and unbiased review. If that’s your choice, there are specific actions and items you should expect to receive from an outside firm. Here’s a high-level list of what Envative provides as part of our standard code-review practice:

  • Benchmarked metrics—By reviewing your code through analytical tools and assessing its complexity, test coverage, architecture design and more, we can determine how the quality of your code compares to today’s best practices.
  • Awareness—By gaining awareness of the state of your product, you’ll have verified insight into how well your code has been written and able to make informed, confident decisions about what to do next.
  • Senior expertise—As well as using automated tools, you’ll also get a senior engineer to personally assess your code quality. It’s a bit like taking your code to the doctor.
  • Action plan—Where your code is not up to the quality levels we recommend, we’ll provide insight into the scope of issues, a prioritization of when to tackle them, and effective methods to make the improvements.
  • Automated analysis tools—These include industry measures such as Cognitive Complexity, which produce method complexity scores that result in more objective relative assessments for maintainability and extensibility, security and performance.
  • Comprehensive findings—Our review will give you the information you need specific to your goals, plus general recommendations for improvement.
  • Speed—As a non-technical founder or investor, you can’t afford to spend months uncovering the good, the bad and the ugly, so Envative typically completes an in-depth review and recommendation report within two weeks.


Our process is what sets us apart. Our team has spent decades refining our project lifecycle phases to the point where we’re able to deliver the best solution—on time and within budget—every time. It’s a sprint-based, agile approach that eliminates the development risks that are so abundant in the industry. It’s also a process that puts you in control of your project’s success.

Check out the details and you’ll see all the benefits of our process, including:

  • Knowledge continuity
  • Architectural governance
  • Technical risk mitigation
  • Flexibility to adapt to change