How Much Will It Cost?

It’s been said that if you receive a quote without first creating a prototype, you may as well throw the quote away. From a software development standpoint, this is absolutely true.

Sure, we can provide you with a ball-park budget range to give you an idea of what your development project may cost. We like to call this a "guesstimate", because that is exactly what it is - an estimate based on guesses of what you are actually looking to have built.

Just like a home builder can't price out the cost of a house without a blueprint and firm feature specs, no development firm will be able to provide you with a reliable quote without digging in deep to identify app specifications. This is why creating a software prototype of your desired product is the first and most critical step to solidify a realistic budget estimate. Not only that, it's the the best and most cost-effective way to start a software development effort.

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The Prototyping Process

Envative follows a fixed process for software prototyping, just like we do for the development of the software itself. Here is a very brief description of the steps we will take to help flesh out your application specifications.

1.  Requirements Gathering

The first step to any software development activity is identifying user stories and use cases of the application. What problems are you looking to solve? How many different types of users will there be and what will their unique needs or goals be?
In addition, what are your design requirements as far as branding and general “look and feel”?

2a. Initial Prototype Development

Generally, the earliest prototypes are more focused on the general arrangement of the app’s appearance and the functionality described in the first phase by you and your key stakeholders. We may start with an initial home page, navigation menu, and a couple of interior screens just to make sure we are on track.

2b. Detailed Prototype Development

Once we’ve confirmed our initial prototype is on point, we'll build out additional screens for each of the features and functionality requested. This is the point that your conceptual vision is really brought to life in a very visual and interactive way. You will be able to take actions within the prototype to see user flow experiences and related activity options. This is very effective in helping you identify additional items that you’d like included and perhaps some that may be less important.

3. User Feedback

One of the goals of going through the prototyping process is to save time (and cost) by avoiding any major changes later on during the development process. By providing as much input and feedback as possible during the prototyping phase, developers will know exactly what you will want in the final product.

4. Incorporation Of Feedback

This is the final step in the process that brings the prototype to its most refined form. Once you have provided feedback, the development team incorporates it into the prototype to ensure that it is in perfect alignment with your desired end-product. Once you are satisfied with the result and sign-off on the final prototype, this phase is considered complete. [Note that steps 3 and 4  typically have multiple rounds of effort and input.]

Knowledge is Power

Once specific requirements have been identified through prototyping, we'll have the power to give you a detailed budget amount for development of your application. One that you can have confidence in. This, combined with your hi-fidelity prototype should pave the way for you to get financial approval to move forward with your project (or buy-in from potential investors).

Why Choose Envative to Prototype your Application?

  • We have decades of software development experience and a highly talented design team.
  • We are extremely consultative and very easy to work with.
  • We offer prototyping as a stand-alone service. This means that you have no obligation to proceed with Envative for production development. The prototype is yours to keep.
Special Savings Benefit:  If you decide to continue with Envative as your development partner, you will receive a credit to your account equal to the cost of the Prototype.This is typically a value of $10,000 - $15,000.

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