You are probably already aware that Software is traditionally divided into two categories: packaged or custom. Custom-made software is fully adapted to meet the needs of an organization, in contrast to packaged software which is acquired off the shelf and has the same features for every company.

While custom software isn’t a silver bullet to creating a more innovative team or competitive organization, the short and long-term benefits it offers to running an organization are numerous. In our experience, these are the three that rise to the top for businesses we’ve worked with:

1. It’s Tailor-made

When it comes to business operations and software development, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Although there is a lot of high-quality ready-made software available, there's a pretty slim probability that it will fit seamlessly into your organization. Modifying some built-in features of your packaged software might meet a small need but, more often than not, for business processes that will evolve over time, modifications to packaged software are typically more costly and can introduce complications to product support contracts.

2. It's Scalable

The growth of your business brings new requirements. Off-the-shelf software that seems to perfectly fit your needs today may not always scale. It won’t necessarily be able to accommodate the changes that come tomorrow as a result of your organization's growth.

Hiring an experienced software development company with expertise in designing scalable solutions will ensure that your custom software will support the growth of your business as and when required. After building the initial solution, your software partner will easily be able to maintain the program, implement enhancements or integrate with new systems keeping it relevant for the long run to scale effectively with your business. It’s a pretty great feeling to know that you can efficiently grow your business without being limited or held back by your software.

3. It’s Adaptable

For many businesses, the fulfillment of their varied requirements creates a need for multiple software programs. However, it’s down-right inefficient, unproductive and costly to use and maintain several programs. Herein lies the benefits of operating with just one custom made software application designed for the integration of multiple processes and/or systems. In addition, when designed by a true custom software expert, the various levels of user expertise will be accommodated for ease-of-use. One user-friendly custom application to manage your business will only prove to further increase productivity and reduce the risk of errors.

Many of our customers have come to us after trying the route of off-the-shelf (OTS) software. They have come to find out (unfortunately the hard way) that, while pricing for OTS software may have seemed like a better fit for their budget at the time, ongoing (and ever-increasing) licensing fees; costs for attempted modifications to fit current business needs, and support contract loopholes have left them feeling everything from frustrated to scathed. We have felt their pain and we have made it go away. This is what we do.

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