Believe it or not, the software that is so important to the success of any business can often be a mystery to the people who have the highest stake in its quality. So, what can you do when you’re not sure about the technical state of your product?

Whether you’re an investor looking to understand the risk of a potential investment, or a founder who’s experienced turnover of key internal development staff, there are many benefits to performing your own tech due diligence (if equipped to do so), or engaging with a reputable 3rd party software development company for an independent and unbiased review.

If you decide to go the 3rd-party, independent review route, there are specific sets of actions and items you should expect to receive. At a very high level, here are some that we provide as part of our standard code review practice.

  • Benchmarked Metrics – By looking at your code using a number of analytical tools and assessing things like complexity, test coverage, and architecture design, we’ll be able to determine the quality of your code compared to best practice.
  • Awareness – In gaining awareness of the state of your product, you’ll have verified insight into how well it has been written, and be able to make informed, confident decisions about what to do next.
  • Senior Expertise – As well as using automated tools, you’ll also get a senior engineer to personally assess your code quality. In the same way that you’d see a professional for medical advice, you can rest assured that our people are experts at this.
  • Action Plan – Where your code is not up to the quality levels we recommend, we will provide insight into the scope of issues, a prioritization of when to tackle them, as well as, effective ways to implement improvements.
  • Speed – If you’re a non-technical founder or an investor about to make an investment, you can’t afford to spend months uncovering the good, bad and the ugly. At Envative, one of our developers typically completes an in-depth review and recommendation report within two weeks.



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