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The Ink App Prototype for Biz Incubate

The Situation

Founded in 2018, Biz Incubate creates tailored solutions that connect businesses to new generations, specializing in solutions that bridge the generational gaps from Boomers to Zoomers. Biz Incubate has expanded its portfolio to include equity partnerships in the tattoo, CBD, entertainment, pet care, augmented reality, OTC medications, smart city initiatives, and the health and wellness spaces. Using a proprietary business strategy rooted in network capital, the company helps to create validation, fulfillment and success for each project's participants.

Biz Incubate is an administrative equity partner in an artist-owned mobile tattoo app called The Ink App. After funding the design and development of the app with an off-shore development team, beta testing revealed that the app was buggy and fell short of expectations. The company approached Envative to determine the viability of reworking and fixing the app.


The Challenge

By the time Biz Incubate met with Envative, the company was at the point of either scrapping the project or having The Ink App redeveloped by another company. After reviewing the code and UI/UX of the existing app, Envative's engineers concluded that the code base was subpar and needed to be redeveloped—it didn’t adhere to best coding practices or offer a solid platform to expand functionality.

Envative held multiple meetings with the The Ink App team to understand the goals of the application. Following the last input and Q&A meeting, the team recommended engaging in a prototyping project to demonstrate Envative’s interpretation of the goals and a suggested vision for the flow of The Ink App.

The Envative Solution

Envative's consultative approach and longevity in mobile app UI/UX design resulted in a set of prototypes that excited the Biz Incubate team. Envative helped to generate new ideas for all The Ink App’s intended user types: artist, collector and shopper.

The completed prototype was extremely well received and contained all its current and the additional desired functionality. From this, the Envative team was able to provide an accurate budget estimate for iOS and Android native development to include all features represented in the final prototype.

Biz Incubate is in the process of securing funding for development. The prototype was a critical asset for The Ink App’s investors to see exactly how the app would look and function.

Envative is aware that development of this application may not move forward if funding is not raised. But because Biz Incubate had the wisdom to seek out a code review and subsequent prototyping effort, the company likely realized considerable savings by not continuing with a nonviable product.

No matter the outcome, the Envative team is pleased to have formed a trusted partnership with this forward-thinking organization.


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