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OnusOne for Pay-For-Performance Solutions, LLC

The Situation

With a successful track record of leadership in private practice outpatient orthopedics, Jason Wambold, MSPT, of Agape Physical Therapy knew first-hand that the traditional business model for physical therapy practices was behind the times compared to compensation structures in other types of fields.

Under the traditional model, there was no reward or potential to provide additional compensation for high-performing PT providers. Likewise, there wasn't an effective mechanism in place to track provider performance. This led to staffing and profitability challenges, patient dissatisfaction and inequity across the providers within a practice.

It didn't take much for Wambold to convince Agape CEO, Frank Nowak, that changing the business model of their practice would be mutually beneficial. They knew that technology was the answer to transform the business with a pay-for-performance strategy that would reward higher-performing PT providers through compensation and the flexibility to control their schedules. They also realized that the right technology could be built and licensed to all similar types of provider businesses. With this concept in mind, they formed Pay-For-Performance, LLC (PFP) and started their venture to find a tech partner to bring their vision to life.

The Challenge

PFP approached Envative to develop a comprehensive, web-based platform that would handle the operational administration of their new approach, with plans to roll it out to all Agape locations as a pilot program. Their long-term goal: introduce this game-changing model and system to practices everywhere, because PFP was confident it would be a win-win-win for patients, employees and practices.

The system needed to be built for scale, multi-tenanted and customizable by practice for details such as rate schedules, pay profiles, employee tiers and assignments. Of course, the interface also needed to be user-friendly with considerations for employees along with management and administrative roles, and able to handle scheduling, cancellations, tracking/logging of appointments, vacations and more.

In addition, a standardized API infrastructure was needed to integrate with a variety of HR and payroll systems to ensure accuracy with the dynamic compensation plans.

See the OnusOne Prototype

See the OnusOne Prototype

We start every project by creating an interactive prototype to eliminate project risk. Check out the prototype we did for this one by clicking through active fields in the screens linked above. Then see our final solution below.

The Envative Solution

PFP hammered out a well-thought-out business plan that they implemented manually in their own Agape practice as a proof of concept. This enabled them to convey the systematic components they wanted in a thorough and detailed manner.

As Envative does with all its custom development projects, the team began the project with prototyping. This first phase of process allows Envative to create visual representations of screens, user interfaces, dashboards and features before any code is written to ensure client requirements are well understood, documented and client-approved. This eliminates project risk caused by misunderstood requirements or specifications that have not yet been fully defined.

The result was an easy-to-use online system that organizes, designs, administers and governs compensation models for practices that employ service industry professionals. The system is built for scale, multi-tenanted and customizable by practice for details such as rate schedules, pay profiles, employee tiers and assignments.

Envative developed a custom web-based portal that has ticked all the boxes to meet PFPs goals through OnusOne. The system is now in use in over 30 states across the country for a variety of practices. In addition to PT, industries the platform serves include occupational and speech therapy plus medical and dental providers, with plans to expand to chiropractic and law practices in the future.

The benefits enjoyed by the users at each location include higher productivity, an ownership mentality, teamwork flexibility, happier clients—and practice growth for all.

What owners using the OnusOne system are saying:

Thanks to OnusOne, our company has grown 100% in a three-year period, and we’ve added three more locations!

The last six months since we introduced OnusOne, our revenues are 53% higher than the previous six months. Thanks, OnusOne!

OnusOne has been a blessing to our company. Our therapists are working together much better to help with covering patients during vacations and extending hours when needed. Thanks, OnusOne!


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