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Real Estate Intelligence Portal for ZSG Analytics

The Situation

Real estate is a highly competitive industry in terms of recruitment. It also has some of the highest turnover rates among industries.

To counter these problems, ZSG Analytics envisioned a tool for real estate brokers to see and determine the overall profitability of their agents as a whole and a way to target new agents excelling within their regions.

The ZSG vision was to provide a platform to house actionable intelligence on real estate companies' agents as well as competitive intelligence on their prospects. They wanted to offer recruiting productivity with built-in accountability that would empower agents to fuel their own success.

The Challenge

ZSG Analytics asked Envative to come up with a dashboard and MLS data warehouse tool that could be used by HR at broker companies to recruit agents—and by agents to help meet or exceed their individual sales goals.

The platform that ZSG wanted for the industry would function as an intelligence hub for data, housed in an easy-to-use system. The system therefore needed to bring together a multitude of very large data feeds from a variety of third-party providers. It had to be robust, scalable and able to serve a variety of interests.

The desired features of the system were vast and unique across the different intended user groups: brokers, office management, recruiters with user hierarchies, agents, permission assignments, security access controls and more. The data also needed to be organized and presented to engage with the unique interests of the different types of end users by region, by company and by agent.

Built-in calculators to compare agencies and performance would be used by recruiters to drive decisions and offers.

The Envative Solution

After gathering the extensive list of requirements from ZSG, Envative delivered a productive prototyping effort, which enabled the team to provide a comprehensive budget for the project and work with ZSG on their Minimum Viable Product (MVP), along with a roadmap for the development phases of the portal.

Envative's consultative approach, standardized and methodical prototyping process, and expertise in architecting complex end-to-end software solutions enabled ZSG to realize their vision and numerous requirements—on time and within budget.

Some of the high-level components and functionality of the game-changing recruitment platform developed and delivered by Envative to ZSG include:

  • Data warehouse with daily feeds
  • User account creation with permissions by user type, with automated and manual account creation options
  • Broker views including performance data by branch and date ranges, and market share information such as active listings and sales volume
  • Regional manager charts and map views for various sales and performance metrics
  • Office views of branch and regional data
  • Data searches and export functionality
  • Ad-hoc report builder
  • Income valuation and comparison tool
  • Ability to assign recruiting scores, indicators for favoriting/unfavoriting agents
  • Invitations and user notifications

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