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Software Prototyping

Ensure your project’s success with prototyping that comes standard.

At the start of a software development project, there are always lots of unanswered questions:

That’s the reason for prototyping. At Envative, we believe there’s no better way to make sure that features, functionality, workflows and user needs are all defined and documented up front, before any timeline, budget or a line of code is written. This removes project risks, including unmet expectations or budget overages due to rework. In fact, prototyping’s value is so great, it’s part of our standard process for every project—in addition to our proven process.

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We also offer prototyping as a standalone service. We’ll consult and develop prototypes to get you on the right path with your application, whether you decide to have us develop your application or not. Here’s what you can expect from prototyping with Envative:

  • Documented requirements—We make sure there’s a clear understanding of the business users’ and the stakeholders’ requirements for the software product.
  • Feature prioritization—This establishes what we call the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features for your product.
  • Defined functionality—With appropriate definitions of your product’s functionality, a realistic budget estimate for product development becomes much easier.
  • Interactive mock-ups—You’ll see actual prototype screens with built-in workflows to confirm functionality and ease of use, and help you get buy-in from stakeholders.
  • Cost confidence—Because we’ve worked together to eliminate ambiguous expectations, your project is a lot less likely to produce budget overages.
  • A prototype you own—This is whether (or not) you decide to move forward with full development by Envative.



Envative Co-Owner, Craig Lamb talks about the power of prototypes in a recent Insight article.



Our process is what sets us apart. Our team has spent decades refining our project lifecycle phases to the point where we’re able to deliver the best solution—on time and within budget—every time. It’s a sprint-based, agile approach that eliminates the development risks that are so abundant in the industry. It’s also a process that puts you in control of your project’s success.

Check out the details and you’ll see all the benefits of our process, including:

  • Knowledge continuity
  • Architectural governance
  • Technical risk mitigation
  • Flexibility to adapt to change