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If you're looking for insightful articles and blogs about software, business practices and current trends in technology, you've come to the right place. You'll also find news about Envative or clients we work with so you can get to know us a little better. And, if that's not enough, give us a call. We'd love to chat about what your needs are.


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Insight by Marc Mastrella 4-min read

6 Best Practices for Eliminating Outdated Technology

Aging IT systems present threats to national security, consumer privacy, and production efficiency. Custom software development can help eliminate outdated technology, reduce company risks and increase profitability. Learn about six proven ways to get rid of aging tech here.

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News by Dea Corsi 1-min read

Press Release: Envative Named to 2023 Top 100 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

It is with great pride that Envative announces they have, once again, been selected to the Top 100 Fastest Growing companies by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

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Insight by Marc Mastrella 4-min read

5 Things to be Revolutionized by the Metaverse

With technology constantly evolving, your head might be spinning with terms like "Metaverse," "Extended Reality," and "AI." This article will demystify some of these concepts and discuss their potential impact on the world. This article will cover all the basic terminology you need to successfully navigate and understand the Metaverse as well as highlight its potential to revolutionize (yet, again) our everyday lives.

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Insight by Marc Mastrella 4-min read

Ethical AI

AI is a hot topic right now because of the significant advancements that have been made in recent years. These advancements have been driven by a combination of increased computing power, improved algorithms, and access to vast amounts of data. The beneficial use cases of AI technology are almost unlimited. That said, what are the very real ethical concerns introduced by it?

Explore the Ethics of AI
Insight by David Mastrella 3-min read

How to Reduce Technical Debt in an Enterprise Application

When you build an application, you want to build it the fastest way possible to release it and begin making a return on your investment. You might build a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the market before investing in a more robust application. Focusing on speed of development is good for the initial launch, but building an application that isn't scalable or flexible leads to technical debt. Technical debt is costly, causes developers to constantly chase bugs, and often leads to developer burnout. 

What is technical debt?
Insight by David Mastrella 4-min read

The Top Risks of Running Legacy Software

Any business that has been around for longer than a decade probably has legacy software. Sales systems, customer service applications, and legacy infrastructure are just a few applications common in long-term businesses. With these systems come issues with management, upgrades, support, security, and the added cost of running the application. There are even greater risks as well.

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Insight by Craig Lamb 5-min read

The Top 8 Tech and Business Trends to Watch in 2023

As 2023 gets off to a start, it is a good idea for corporations, start-ups, and investors to be aware of and understand the top technology and business trends that will shape the coming year. In fact, at the rate that the market is evolving, executives, founders, and the average person alike should know which trends are on their way out and which ones are shaking things up.

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Insight by Marc Mastrella 3-min read

What is Pen Testing of Software?

What Happens When You Penetration Test Your Application? Pen Testing, (short for Penetration testing), is a manual security review of your applications, and it's an important factor in effective cybersecurity. Application security testing can be automated, but automated procedures cannot find every vulnerability in your software. Some industry compliance regulations require penetration testing.

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Tech Talk by Marc Mastrella 5-min read

Understanding Actuators for IoT

Actuators are the workhorses of the Internet of Things and enable the automation or remote control of a wide range of processes in sectors that include consumer, industrial, healthcare, and transportation. This short article explains the role of actuators in IoT and outlines the different types of actuators that are used.

Learn About Actuators
Insight by Marc Mastrella 3-min read

The Best Way to Define Software Requirements

The fourth core principle of the Agile Manifesto addresses the response to change over a plan. However, this does not mean planning is unimportant. When it comes to software and app development, simply going with the flow is not an option. A plan and clear requirements are needed to create a successful product.

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